New Springvale Train Station

The undergrounding of Springvale Station is set to be a catalyst for a remarkable change to central Springvale with a surge in residential and retail development, improved traffic flow, central landscaping, an open plaza all within a five minute walk of the Springvale and Warner parks.


Questions - from Cr Sean O'Reilly

It has been published in the Herald Sun recently that many councils have been raising rates above and beyond the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

  1. How do our rates compare with other similar councils?
  2. How do our rates compare against CPI? Is CPI an appropriate benchmark?
  3. What would happen if we decrease rates?

Disputes with neighbours

Sometimes residents have disputes with neighbours about various things - for example - overhanging trees, fence boundaries, or paying for a a new fence.  Local council does not have influence over these matters as they are a civil dispute, and therefore local council does not get involved.


Events on private property

If an event occurs on private property, no event permit is required from Council and hence, the organisers are not required to submit an event plan or similar to Council. The organisers are however, required to seek permission from Council for any fireworks displays, including the use of firecrackers.

In the case of fire bans, the licensed fireworks operator may then required to demonstrate that they have notified the CFA and sought sign off before the display could continue.

Encouraging our youth

Students Anna, Kevin, Jordan, Anthony and Lina with Cr Sean O'Reilly and their bench prototype.

Students of St Josephs Primary School, Springvale identified a need for improved street seating.  They canvassed their fellow students and came up with ideas.  They then worked through these ideas.  The result is a completed design and model for an S-shaped bench seat that encourages people to face each other more and interact socially.  As well as this, 'S' is for Springvale!

After a year

It is now a year that I have served as your new councillor.  I have tried to bring a fresh perspective to decisions made by council.

Attendance vs postal voting

Greater Dandenong has decided in the past to keep attendance voting, while most other councils have switched to postal voting.  There was definitely strong support for postal voting from people in long queues at the early voting centre during the recent election.  On the face of it, the simple argument is that postal voting is much more convenient for voters.

Promoting healthy lifestyles

Sean O'Reilly with Shane Bilsborough and Matt Welsh

Our council runs many programs to encourage people to get outdoors and be active.  The council also provides funding to sporting groups.  If children experience regular exercise, they will be able to continue or return to a more active lifestyle when in adulthood.


I have been thinking about what people expect of councillors and their local council.  I am always open to changing my view based on new information.


In relation to parking, I have had people say that they have received parking infringements in our municipality and they have written to the Council asking for special exemption due to extenuating circumstances and asked for first time warnings. What they are finding is that our Council seems to be stricter and less likely to give exemptions or convert fines to warnings than other Councils. Could Jody Bosman, Director of City Planning, Design and Amenity provide his view on what the arguments are for and against, why this happens, why are we perhaps stricter, why do we compel people more and don’t let people off as much as we could, why don’t we give people a free kick and what are the pros and cons if we did?