Keysborough Community Facilities

Cr Sean O’Reilly has called for a greater focus on development of services within the growing area of Keysborough, and in particular the south part of Keysborough.

“One view that council could take is that these people chose to live in Keysborough, and have paid less to rent or own in Keysborough due to its relatively little infrastructure.  This view could be that as these people have chosen to live in Keysborough, they will be content with things as they are”, Cr Sean O’Reilly said.

New Springvale Library and Civic Space

The new Springvale Master Plan, incorporating a new Springvale library, Civic Centre, playground and relandscaped open space is scheduled to begin construction in 2017.

Councillor Sean O’Reilly said the plan, with large open-space expanses, was part of a payback for building Springvale police station on parkland at Eriksen Garden.

“The idea behind the masterplan retains the commitment to open space.”

Great Bin Swap

"Residents have been asking me for more choice with their rubbish bins rather than one-size-fits-all," Cr Sean O'Reilly said.  "Each household has its own particular need.  We will now give each household a choice to best suit their needs.  Also, the colour of the bins will now conform to the Victorian standard."


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